Singer/Songwriter Erik Penny at Blackbird Music Studio (09/09/14)

Since April we have been working on singer/songwriter Erik Penny's new album. Six songs were mixed at Blackbird Music Studio, two of them, namely "High As A Ghost" and "Springtime", were recorded here. On October 24th "Heart Bleed Out" will hit the stores. If you want to learn more about Erik's fourth studio album, watch the electronic press kit that was also produced by us.


We are upgrading! (08/07/14)

The Blackbird Music Studio is expanding its technical capabilities and may soon come up with a NEVE Genesys Black Recording Console with 32 faders. The console is currently manufactured in the UK. We just can't wait to fly over to check it out!

In addition, our control room is undergoing an acoustical adjustment to the new Dynaudio M3Ve Active Speaker Setup. Plus the big recording room is getting a projector, a screen and a Studt speaker system to be used for studio concerts and film screenings.

The conversion will take about six weeks. At the end of September we will look forward again to new productions with interesting artists and great music!

Max Doehlemann and his "Azur" project at Blackbird Music Studio (07/31/14)

In the last three days we worked with the Berlin composer and piano player Max Doehlemann and the great musicians of his "Azur" project with Christian Schantz on bass, Martin Fonfara on drums plus the two Israeli artists Hadass Pal Yarden (vocals) and Yaniv Ovadia (vocals, saz). The project is about the musical connection between Berlin, Istanbul and Jerusalem. Blue Note meets oriental tonality and shows the variety of the Turkish-Jewish and Kurdish-Jewish music tradition. At the studio eight songs were recorded, three of them were captured on camera.

Max-Döhlemann_Azur_Blackbird Music Studio_01 Max-Döhlemann_Azur_Blackbird Music Studio_03

Max-Döhlemann_Azur_Blackbird Music Studio_02

Johan Leijonhufvud Mighty Mezz - "Vol. 1" in stores from June 6th, 2014 (04/10/14)

On three days in September 2013 the Swedish guitarist Johan Leijonhufvud recorded the songs for his new project Mighty Mezz at Blackbird Music Studio, together with Christian von der Goltz (p), Lars Gühlcke (b) and Tobias Backhaus (dr). The new album is simply called "Vol. 1". It includes 14 great jazz tracks and will be released on June 6th, 2014 by Blackbird Music. If you are curious what it was like at the studio and how the new record will sound, enjoy the following video!

Torsten Zwingenberger's BERLIN 21 will release debut album in May 2014 (04/09/14)

Together with Lionel Haas (p), Patrick Farrant (g) and Martin Lillich (b), drummer Torsten Zwingenberger has started the project BERLIN 21. In November 2013 the band recorded the songs for their debut album "CAPITAL LETTERS" on two days at Blackbird Music Studio. The record will be released by Blackbird Music on May 16th, 2014. It will include a bonus DVD that features the complete recording sessions. This is the album teaser:

Video shoot for Ron Spielman Signature Amp (01/29/14)

When a guitarist gets his own amp series, it must be put into the spotlight. That's why Ron Spielman came to us, for a video that is dedicated to the sounds and possibilities of the new "CREAM JTA-45 MK III Ron Spielman Signature Amp". It was great fun to watch and listen to Ron's playing so closely. We just can't wait to present you the final video!

Ron-Spielman_Blackbird-Music-Studio_04 Ron-Spielman_Blackbird-Music-Studio_03

T. S. Monk visited the studio (01/28/14)

Thelonious Sphere Monk Jr., drummer, singer and son of jazz legend Thelonious Monk, visited the Blackbird Music Studio. Together with Lorenz Kellhuber on the piano and Hans-Dieter Lorenz on the bass he played a spontaneous session in our large recording room. On top he told amazing stories from his career as a musician and shared his memories of his famous father. It truly was a great experience for the whole Blackbird Music team! Of course, we did film and record everything. Stay tuned for what will come out of it!

Thelonious Sphere Monk_Blackbird Music Studio_01 Thelonious Sphere Monk_Blackbird Music Studio_04
Thelonious Sphere Monk_Blackbird Music Studio_02
Thelonious Sphere Monk_Blackbird Music Studio_03

Audio & Video Production for Brewer International (01/10/14)

Blackbird Music Studio begins the New Year with a classical production. For Brewer International we take care of the sound and video recordings of numerous classical singers the whole weekend. We are very happy to work with David Lee Brewer, vocal coach of Beyoncé Knowles, Frida Gold, Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) and many more great artists.


B3: CD release on Jan 31st, 2014!

"Back To My Roots" is the name of the debut album of the new Fusion project of keyboard player, composer and music producer Andreas Hommelsheim. We're looking forward to its release on Jan 31st, 2014, because all of the 11 tracks were recorded and mixed at Blackbird Music Studio. Besides drummer Lutz Halfter, bassist Christian Krauss and, of course, Andreas Hommelsheim, a lot of guest musicians such as Ron Spielman visited us for the album production. What it was like? You will know after watching this making-of video.

Berlin Guitar Club presented by 55 Arts Club and Gitarre & Bass (08/29/13)

On 29/08/13 guitar lovers had the unique opportunity to experience the whole world of electric guitars in a fascinating live show: proven experts checked out and talked about rarities, classics and latest custom-made guitar models! The concert video portal 55 Arts Club broadcast the event live into the internet straight from the Blackbird Music Studio in Berlin.

Frank Deimel who worked for famous bands such as Sonic Youth and Kings of Convencience talked about his experience as a guitar maker. Amp developer Peter Stärk who sets trends with his all-tube amplifiers told us his secrets. In addition, the guitarist and guitar collector Michael Gechter presented numerous models from his extensive collection, not without telling some anecdotes, of course. And there was also live music: Michael Gechter and Ron Spielman demonstrated the sound diversity of different guitars and amps together with a band playing some blues and jazz.

The "Berlin Guitar Club" program can be watched as video-on-demand on!

Blackbird Music Studio Berlin Guitar Club

Big band recordings at Blackbird Music Studio (08/13/13)

Arranger and producer Gerald Meier has long been a fan of the love songs composed by his colleague and friend of many years, Mike Segal. So much so, that he has written brand-new big band arrangements which, at the same time, compliment and complement Mike's captivating melodies and poignant lyrics. And to realise this happy meeting of musical minds to the full, Gerald has chosen Blackbird Music Studio, in Berlin, to record the results.

Gerald, as an accomplished musical director, arranger, and trombonist playing in numerous renowned orchestras, has worked with many fine singers. However, when planning this project, there was only one name on his list: Michael Franic. Michael's wide-ranging musical experience, his love of the 'Great American Songbook' tradition, and his dynamic voice make him the ideal interpreter of Mike's songs.

Originally from Canada, Mike, like Gerald and Michael, has been based in Berlin for many years. As well as being a songwriter and lyricist, he works as a freelance saxophonist and teacher.

We at Blackbird Music look forward to Gerald's production of 'Michael Franic Sings Mike Segal's Songs Of Love'!

Gerald Meier mit Big Band

Torsten Zwingenbergers "Berlin 21" at Blackbird Music Studio (Jun 30, 2013)

At the end of their recording sessions at Blackbird Music Studio, drummer Torsten Zwingenberger’s Berlin 21 will play an exclusive showcase in our recording room A on July 11th, 2013. If you’d like to attend this evening of pure jazz and exceptional drumming, please write an e-mail to info (at) until July 7th (subject: Berlin 21).

Torsten Zwingenberger - drums
Patrick Farrant - guitar
Lionel Haas - piano
Martin Lillich - bass


B3 recording at Blackbird Music Studio

Andreas Hommelsheim’s new project B3 is currently recording an album featuring jazzy originals mixed with influences from funk and blues. The album will feature numerous guest musicians. Stay tuned for this, it’s gonna be great!




New website

We proudly present the brandnew Blackbird Music Studio website. Have fun exploring it!


Welcome to Blackbird Music Studio, the new Berlin based high-quality studio for music and video productions!

It features three completely separated recording rooms. The biggest one measures 105 square meters, has a ceiling height of 6 meters and has been used by artists to play and record shows in front of a small audience. All recording rooms are flooded with daylight and are visually connected to the control room and to each other by large soundproof windows.

The heart of the studio is a NEVE Genesys Black Recording Console, the first and only of its kind in Germany so far.

Next to a row of vintage guitars, various amps and drumsets, the studio is equipped with a Steinway B grand piano, a fully functioning Hammond B3 organ and a Rhodes (Mark 1, Seventythree).

Blackbird Music Studio is located in a factory building in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The owner is Andreas Hommelsheim who directed various synchronizations of famous film productions such as "The Lion King" and "The Beauty and the Beast". Hommelsheim and his team also run the label and publishing company Blackbird Music in this building, everything under one roof on several floors.

On the top floor you can find the studio (accessible by a roomy goods elevator) and a cosy lounge area with a kitchen, a bar, a kicker table and a big screen TV. Both lounge and studio can be turned into an event venue for workshops, presentations and meetings easily.

Control Room

The studio‘s centerpiece is a brandnew Neve Genesys Black, a digitally controlled analog recording console including 1073 preamps and the legendary 1084 equalizers.

The control room with its exceptional acoustic linear response offers more than 30 square meters of comfortable creative working environment with daylight and air conditioning.

A LAB PLM powered Dynaudio M3Ve monitor system provides a superior sound experience. In addition you can choose between KRK, ADAM and Neumann monitors to guarantee the perfect mix.

Live Room

The live room measures 105 square meters and has a ceiling height of about 6 meters. Its medium live acoustic properties can be trimmed for a drier sound by using moveable absorbers: the perfect place to record chamber music, choirs, big bands and other groups and ensembles. The room has a comfortable daylight atmosphere.



Drum Room

The drum room is more than 20 square meters in size and visually linked to the live room and the control room by a large soundproof window. It features daylight and variable acoustics.


Vocal Room

Just like the drum room the vocal room is more than 20 square meters in size and visually linked to the live room and the control room by a large soundproof window. It features daylight and variable acoustics. In addition it's suited for dubbing.

Pre-production Suite

More information coming soon!


Our lounge features a kitchen, a bar, a kicker table and a big screen TV. This is not only the perfect place for bands and artists to relax between the recording sessions, it can easily be turned into an elegant event location for after show parties, meetings or the like.





The Blackbird Music Studios in Berlin have existed in various forms since 1986. They are closely linked to the career of their owner, music producer and musician Andreas Hommelsheim.

Originally conceived as a producer’s studio, a whole studio complex emerged from the first Blackbird Music Studio in Berlin-Friedenau with up to ten state of the art recording rooms, different mixing rooms for cinema, 5.1 and FS, as well as numerous edit rooms and offices.

Under Hommelsheim’s direction synchronizations of numerous well-known productions have been created here or in other studios, such as The Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), Hercules (1997), Anastasia (1997), The Prince of Egypt (1998), Southpark: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999), The Phantom of the Opera (2004), Happy Feet Two (2011), Ice Age 4 (2012), Epic (2013), Turbo (2013), Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) and many more.

Due to various restructuring processes, these studios, primarily planned for dubbing, are now operated successfully by SDI Media Germany.

Meanwhile, Hommelsheim has largely withdrawn from the dubbing business to focus on his actual passion, the production of music.

Therefor, he built another top class recording studio in Berlin, which has been operating since early 2013. The new Blackbird Music Studio is located in a factory building in Berlin-Charlottenburg where Hommelsheim and his team also run the music label and publishing company Blackbird Music as well as the online live music video platform 55 Arts Club, everything under one roof on several floors.


Managing Director | Andreas Hommelsheim

Studio Manager | Robin Regner

PR & Promotion | Clemens Müller

Sound Engineer | Michael Ungerer

Video Editor | Felizian Stockinger




Blackbird Music Studio offers three completely separated recording rooms with daylight: Live Room (105 m²), Drum Room and Vocal Room (20 m² each) are visually connected to the Control Room (30 m²) and to each other by large soundproof windows.

The heart of the studio is a NEVE Genesys Black Recording Console, the first and only of its kind in Germany so far. Monitor systems from Dynaudio, KRK, ADAM and Neumann guarantee ideal conditions for your mix.

Our pre-production suite on the 2nd floor is suited for the pre-mixing and editing of productions with a smaller budget

Next to a row of vintage guitars, various amps and drumsets, the studio is equipped with a Steinway B grand piano, a fully functioning Hammond B3 organ and a Rhodes (Mark 1, Seventythree).

The studio is accessible by a roomy goods elevator. Parking for our customers is available right in front of the building.

Equipment List (PDF)


Video Production

Our video team is working with state-of-the-art equipment – always prepared to shoot your recording sessions or live performance either here at our studio or on site location. Regardless if you want behind the scenes footage for your electronic press kit (EPK) or a music video for your song, we get everything ready to be released on the internet, on TV, BluRay or DVD.

Concerts & Live Events

The Live Room offers the possibility to combine the atmosphere of a live concert with the convenience of a recording studio. With its capacity of up to 90 people, an excellent PA system designed by Hans-Peter Studt and stage light our Live Room is suited for concerts and showcases in an intimate environment. Our lounge area is ideal for a meet & greet of the artists with their guests after the show.





Music Label & Music Publishing

Representing newcomers and artists of international reputation since the late 80s, Blackbird Music has always been a home for carefully selected, honest music and audiophile productions. The spectrum of the music we publish ranges from jazz and blues to singer/songwriter, pop and rock. Among our artists are Lucky Peterson (USA), Erik Penny (USA), Cock Robin (USA), Qeaux Qeaux Joans (NL), Lorenz Kellhuber (D), Torsten Zwingenberger (D), Johan Leijonhufvud (S) and Rob Longstaff (AUS).


We have been working successfully in the dubbing business for decades. Under Hommelsheim’s direction synchronizations of numerous well-known productions have been created, such as The Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (1995), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), Hercules (1997), Anastasia (1997), The Prince of Egypt (1998), Southpark: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999), The Phantom of the Opera (2004), Happy Feet Two (2011), Ice Age 4 (2012), Epic (2013), Turbo (2013), Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) and many more.


Movie Screening

A powerful Studt PA system and a large screen in the live room convey an atmosphere of cinema and let you feel like being at the movies. With this equipment the live room is also suited for presentations and lectures as well as for dubbing.

Meetings & Workshops



Jazz Piyyut Project
Azur (CD, Album, 2014)


Erik Penny
Heart Bleed Out (CD, Album, 2014)
Recording (2 Songs) & Mixing (6 Songs)


Die Tonabnehmer
Hallo Rügen (CD, Album, 2014)
Recording & Mixing


Johan Leijonhufvud Mighty Mezz
Vol. 1 (CD, Album, 2014)
Recording & Mixing
"A recording of transparent conciseness" (Jazz thing)


Recording & Mixing
"Klangtipp" (Stereoplay)


Back To My Roots (CD, Album, 2014)
Recording & Mixing
"Excellent production" (Bluesnews)


Lucky Peterson
Live At The 55 Arts Club Berlin (2CD/3DVD, Album, 2012)
Recording & Mixing
German Record Critics Award List of the Best 1/2013
Nominee 34th Blues Music Awards


Rob Longstaff
Boogaloo (CD, Album, 2011)
Recording & Mixing
"Extraordinary Sound" (Berliner Zeitung)


55 Fifty Five
Live in Berlin (2CD/DVD, Album, 2010)
Recording & Mixing
"Brilliant and perfectly ballanced sound" (


Blackbird Music Studio
Salzufer 15-16
10587 Berlin

info (at)

Phone +49 30 89 74 91 48
Fax +49 30 89 74 91 51





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renz Kellhuber Trio - Cross Country Song - Cosm