Studio Concerts

The Live Room offers the possibility to combine the atmosphere of a live concert with the convenience of a recording studio. With its capacity of up to 70 people, an excellent PA system and stage light, our Live Room is suited for concerts and showcases in an intimate environment. Our lounge area with bar is ideal for a meet & greet of the artists with their guests after the show.

In addition we host the Blackbird Music Studio Sessions, studio concerts with one or two artists or bands we invite to play. Guests at Blackbird Music Studio Sessions so far: Gene Caberra Band, Teresa Bergman, Rob Longstaff, Nörd, Charlie Grant, Lara Maria Gräfen, Wilhelmine, Ben Barritt, Alejandra Ribera, Siri Svegler, Mark Berube, Seraleez, Simon Fagan, Lukas Meister, LFNT.